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Some Protocol For Boat Guides

Make yourself easy to remember.  For your won advertising purposes, hand out business cards freely to anyone who expresses a desire to fish. Many people simply forget your name, even after a daylong trip. If you really want to make an impression try cheap memorabilia, key chains, shirts, hats, etc.

Answer enquiring phone calls promptly. You would be shocked to learn how many clients you have lost because of a slow response. Get a live person to answer your phone if at all possible. Always carry a cell phone that will automatically switch over from your main line. And put your web site address in any answering service message. (At a cost of $15.00 per year, there is no excuse for not having a web site.)

Introduce yourself and memorize client first names. Even if you are not a “people person”, it is essential to establish a comfortable communication link with your clients. You may need to shout instructions quickly and “hey you” just doesn’t cut it.

Always alert your passengers. From the start, clients should be told the unbending rules on your boat, and the consequences. But there is another time to speak up: When you are getting ready to move to a new spot. Tell clients the when, why and where you plan to go next. Make sure their hats are in hand before you get up on plane.

If you fish with clients, don’t take the best casting spot.  The most offensive charter trip I ever took involved a boat guide who jumped up on the bow on each move for a prime casting position. People expect you to put out a line- it may be the best way to demonstrate how and where to cast. But remember who the customer is and be ready to do your job, even if it means losing your own fish.

Be flexible with time. If you have two trips in one day, make sure the first group knows your time constraints. If you don’t have other plans, use your best judgment about when to call it quits. This goes both ways. Don’t take any chances with an incoming storm. Get off th water. And always get home in time to kiss your wife and kids. If on the other hand, action has been slow and you just found a productive hole, give your clients some extra minutes. There will come back to you, and recommend you to friends.

Get bait first, if possible. This recommendation may not work for some charter operations that use live bait. Location, launch points, time and sharing of resources may prevent you from netting bait ahead of time. The truth is, most clients will not complain about a stop for bait collection. Some even enjoy it the first time around. But they will always be checking their watches- tick, tick, tick.

Take charge, but don’t be a jerk. It is essential for you to maintain control of the people in your vessel- even if it means cutting off their alcohol consumption. On the other hand, don’t flare up over small infractions. A mad guide is a bad guide.


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